Combi breast automatic pump XL

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Breastmilk is gold, and something breastfeeding mothers and babies understand to be of the utmost importance. For new parents, breastfeeding poses many new challenges, so it's even more crucial to choose a good pump. Holly and Poppy drink only breastmilk, so Mommy knows the aches and pains of figuring out what works and what doesn't when it comes to a good pump, and we've finally found a great one! With Combi and their natural double breast automatic pump XL, you can choose a single or double setting depending on your needs.

- LED back-lit touchscreen allows for pumping in the dark, so you can pump without waking up the baby
- lightweight, compact design gives you all the necessary functions, with 20 different pump force settings so you can choose your comfort
- Poppy is almost always on the breast, and never adjusted well to bottle feeding, but the nipple design and cute bottles were so enticing that she'll pick up the bottle immediately pumping and drink direct!

If you're looking at pumps, look no further, because convenience, efficiency, and design are all packaged into one with this pump, so hurry to @combitw_babydesign and choose yours now!